Cradles, Gantries, Mono-rails & Walkways

We offer a comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation service for all types of window cleaning equipment. Our range starts from simple manual systems through to fully powered systems.

We have a comprehensive range of reliable systems and products available, each system is designed to meet the building and clients requirements in the most economical manner.

We use proven designs from a large selection of well-established international manufacturer’s in order to deliver each project and overcome any particular design challenges.

We offer a complete refurbishment service, these include:

Cradle removal Strip down Shot-blasting Mechanical Overhaul
Winch Overhaul X-ray survey X-ray survey Plating
De-scaling Re-spraying    

Our workshop has a two storey testing rig which enables the majority of overhaul work and off-site testing to be completed in safe workshop controlled conditions.