Fall Arrest/Restraint Systems & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We offers a complete range of solutions to suit every site. These include permanent safety lines, eye bolts and deadweight anchor systems to name a few. We also have the facility to install temporary systems.


May be either fixed to the roof or freestanding, these are most commonly used on flat roof areas where little or no edge protection exists. Guardrails allow complete unrestricted access to the roof area without the need for operators to use safety harnesses or other personal restraint systems.

Safety Line Systems

May be fitted to most roof materials including profile sheets, these are often selected for sloping roofs or where adequate edge protection is not present. They can be adapted to fit any roof type or layout. Safety lines allow safe access and maintenance to the roof area. We also supply ladder safety lines.

Safety Harness & Abseil Eyebolts

Maybe fitted to most building fabrics, usually roof or walls. These are usually installed where access is required on a short term basis, like window cleaning. We also supply ladder ties.

Fall Protection Equipment

We offer a supply and inspection service for Personal Protective Equipment including safety harnesses, lanyards, work wear and other equipment.